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Atacama Daze

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Yakushima #Pt 1

Wild monkeys, cloud forests, deserted beaches and waterfalls- the island of Yakushima is a nature lovers paradise.  Yakushima receives the highest rainfall of anywhere in Japan making it a lush green wonderland full of hiking trails and swimming holes… two of my favorite things.  Luckily for me it only rained one of the days that I was there, and the rest of the time I soaked in steaming hot onsens, climbed mountains and watched the sunset from my Japanese bathtub - glass of sake in hand!  Another thing about this magical place is that the locals are some of the loveliest people I have encountered anywhere - a mix of surfers and artists who are drawn to the islands stunning natural beauty and laid back, secluded lifestyle.  I am already dreaming of the day when I too can own a little house and vegetable garden on what is now my favorite island in the world. xx Nat

Yakushima part # 2

Ballake - Bembeya Jazz National