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New music from White Flight and E-Vax from Ratatat 

Loving this so much

franki-e asked: I am crazy in love with all your photos from Peru lovely. Hope you are having the best time. :) sending love and good vibes your way <3

Thank you so much, you are very sweet. It brings me so much joy to know that people are enjoying my images.m xx

I am finally back in my homeland of Peru after 10 years abroad! Words can’t describe the feeling of walking through Machu Picchu again and hearing Quechua spoken around me. Peru is definitely the most magical place in the world, the energy here is amazing and the people are so kind it brings tears to my eyes. I also know where my love of colors and hats and textiles comes from… I’m in heaven! Sending you all love as I soak up the abundance of Pacha Mama and make coca offerings to the Apus. Lots of love, Nat